Yesterday, April 4, was the day that in 1964, The Beatles held the top five spots on the Hot Billboard 100, and eleven of the top 100. Pretty darn impressive, and it’s music that still lasts.

Of course, being the music nerd I am, I set up a playlist of the top five songs yesterday and listened to it on the way home, windows down, sunroof open, songs blasting. Being able to do that made me feel inspired to write something lighthearted and carefree.

And it got me to thinking – I have yet to post anything musical on here! Music drives a lot of what I write. I hear a song and I immediately have a picture of a story in my head. I thought I might list a few songs that have helped inspire On The Border along the way, even though it isn’t published just yet.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – “Running Man’s Bible”

The lyrics to this song were actually in a foreward of the book, which I took out because I don’t have the rights to it. You could say it’s the theme song of the book. The lyrics just fit so well. Mojo came out in June 2010, and I started writing OTB in November for NaNoWriMo. It was prominently on the playlist I created for the story. I still love the song. I would have it at six stars if my iPod would let me rank that high.

The Rolling Stones – “Doom And Gloom”

Awesomeness of this song aside, it’s the chorus of this song that resonates so well with Cassidy’s story. “Sittin’ in the dirt, feelin’ kinda hurt/But all I hear is doom and gloom/All is darkness in my room.” The hard rock sound of the song also just seems to fit in my mind.

Chuck Berry – “You Can’t Catch Me”

This is actually one of my favorite songs of all time. And yes, the Beatles stole a line from this song for the opening of “Come Together.” The beat of the song reminds me a lot of riding in a box car of a train. That and the chorus fit Cassidy well: “Now you can’t catch me/Baby, you can’t catch me/’Cause if you get too close/You know I’m gone like a cool breeze.”

The New Christy Minstrels – “Green Green”

Obscurity! (Sort of) The lyrics of this song just seem to fit Cassidy’s whole adventure. No matter where she is, she’s not happy, and maybe it’ll be better at the next place (“It’s green they say/On the far side of the hill”).

Cary Ann Hearst – “American Made Machine”

The adventure that Cary Ann Hearst sings about in this song just makes me incredibly happy. It strikes a chord with me, and the whole thing just sounds like Cassidy to me. Not the lyrics, per se, but her voice, the beat of the song, and the honky tonk piano. And, if you really want a connection to the lyrics, these sound pretty good (just take out the “two fast women” and put Jason in instead): “We oughta rob the bar/The club Cherry Tar/And get away in our Coupe Deville/You can’t catch ’em/Two fast women/In an American made machine.”

Unfortunately, the one song I really wanted to list this time around isn’t on the internet anywhere, at least in video form. The playlist on my iPod is 38 songs. We’ll be doing this again sometime soon!