Ladies and gentlemen, I have finally completed the cover for On The Border.

It has taken me some time to figure out exactly what I wanted. A “Wanted” poster? Who would be the model? Front page of a newspaper? What newspaper and what would the content be? Graffiti on a brick wall? Well, how good is my photoshop?

The front cover I had for my first run-through on CreateSpace (the five free versions I got for winning NaNoWriMo) was a cool mock-up I did, using a photograph of a dark, back alley, and photoshopping in a dark figure in a wide-brimmed hat.

OTB Cover

But it just didn’t quite fit.

I’ve played around with it on multiple occasions in the past month or two, but nothing better has come up. After setting myself on a June 1 publishing deadline, I decided to push myself today. My brain hasn’t been so creative in the past month (you can blame all the hockey), and I needed to just push myself.

This is what I’ve created, and I really like it.

redux 33

It’s simplistic. It’s rustic. And it has that outlaw-y feel to it, the one I’ve been striving for during this whole process. That’s how it feels to me.

But what do you think? It can’t just be appealing to myself. Avid readers need to see it and think, “Man, I want to read that book!” Does the cover do that?