As I embark on starting the sequel to “On The Border,” this is pretty good advice to follow.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Today I’ll be expanding upon the last piece of creative writing advice in my series about “The DON’Ts of the writing.” And this final tip for my fellow wordsmiths is one I’ve found has really helped my writing. Maybe not everyone needs to hear it or feels the same temptations I do when crafting a story, but if you’re anything like me, you should remember:

DON’T give in to the impulse to shelter and protect your characters.

The relationship between author and character is a complex one. In some ways, I’ve likened it to a parent-child relationship. The thing is, since that’s the case, you very well might feel an inclination or a desire to protect your characters. After all, parents go crazy worrying about their kids, wanting the best for them, and trying to keep them from harm, right?


Here’s the thing: you CAN’T safeguard your characters all…

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