aspirations wrapped up in books bannerIt’s a question I know I’m going to be fielding on all fronts:

Why should I buy/read your book?

This is my first venture into actual published work, and I don’t understand why I’m so relaxed. Is that normal? Everyone around me is so excited to read it; I feel like I should be intimidated for people to read something that I’ve kept so close to my heart for well over two years.

Now, it comes down to the question of why you should even bother looking at my book on Amazon? Lucky for you, I’ve come up with a list of reasons you should!

1. It’s an easy read

I’ll put it out there now: I am not the next Ernest Hemingway or F. Scott Fitzgerald. I don’t strive to write things in such a way that it’s ridiculously obscure or thought-provoking. I write to tell a story and create an epic adventure. And this one takes you all over the United States. More on that in a later point…

2. While a keyword search is “unconventional love,” it’s far from a love story

I once had a conversation with my old manager (who may or may not be Jason in this novel) that almost every single movie has a love story. Blues Brothers? Yep. Jurassic Park? Subtly, but yes. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Oh yes. Jaws? Well…definitely not as much as the book. Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Blazing Saddles, Singin’ in the Rain, Tremors… you get the idea.

But the love that’s talked about and danced around in this novel is far from romantic. And it’s certainly unconventional, given the situation my main characters are stuck dealing with. There are no huge sappy scenes that make you want to retch. Sure, my two main characters may seem like they belong together, but heck if I can make them; they are both extremely against it, and that’s for the best.

3. References!

One of my characters likes to make references to pop culture to get a point across. I honestly didn’t realize he was doing it until I had my copy editor friend said, “I love the Harry Potter reference!”

We’ve got Harry Potter. We’ve got On The Road by Jack Kerouac. We’ve got The Blues Brothers! And, of course, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. And I’m sure I’m missing quite a few others.

4. HOCKEY! On multiple occasions!

I won’t hide my love and passion for the sport. And if you follow me for my hockey writing and critique, you won’t be disappointed to find a dash of hockey in here. Not only is there a chapter that pokes fun at Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks, but Cassidy attends a Washington Capitals/Vancouver Canucks game in DC! And encounters some pretty hardcore fans.

I had several hockey friends read my novel before it was published and said they cracked up at the chapter with Patty Kane. But trust me, it’s not overpowering enough to make you turn away. You don’t have to be a hockey expert to read it. Heck, you don’t need to really watch hockey to read it.

5. Music References!

You can throw this one into the references category if you want, but I’m keeping it separate. Much of my writing is inspired by songs (hence, the novel is sort of named after The Eagles’ song, “On The Border”), and my character, Jason, likes to sing, apparently. Unfortunately, since I don’t own the copyrights to the songs, I had to cut them out… or, you know, make them more obscure.

Just a few examples: “Hitchin’ A Ride” by Vanity Fare. “On The Border” by The Eagles. “Ice Cream Man” by Tom Waits.

6. NaNoWriMo participant? Me too!

It’s a NaNo success story! Well, sort of. Self-publishing is not as lucrative as signing a book deal, but it’s still a deal. On The Border took me two NaNoWriMos and one Camp NaNoWriMo to finish, and they were the main reason this story got done.

I’m a fellow NaNo-er. We’ve got to support each other. We’re all a little crazy. There’s a reason we strive to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days every year (sometimes more than once in a year!)

7. It’s a modern-day Butch & Sundance Story

There’s a reason my main character has the terrible alias of Cassidy Sundance. Since my parents showed me Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when I was younger, I’ve loved it. The camaraderie between Paul Newman and Robert Redford is one of the big inspirations for On The Border.

When you watch the movie, you can’t help but root for Butch and Sundance. They are just so incredibly likeable and the adventure they go on is one you almost envy (minus, you know, going to Bolivia, which seemed like a good idea at the time). I wanted to create something like that.

8. Want a tour of America? This is your one-stop shop!

You start in Tulsa, make a stop outside of Detroit, check out Chicago, chill at Ohio State University, travel to Washington DC, head down the east coast, and wind up in Florida. And that gets you about ten chapters into the book.

So if this list is enough to pique your interest, why not take a look at my book on Amazon? And, if you feel so inclined, buy a copy. And, if you feel like being my best friend ever, write a review when you’re done!

Or if you want a cheaper option, it’s also available on Kindle!