OnTheBorderNo, this isn’t a romance story (unless you want me to go there because technically my fiancee and I met at Caribou Coffee).

Last week, I put up two posters at my Caribou advertising my book signing. While not many people paid attention to it that first shift I worked, this past weekend was a completely different story.

So many regular customers asked about it. People I had never seen before asked what it was about. A handful of people asked if I could set a copy to the side because they won’t be able to make it on September 21. Most people congratulated me on accomplishing something at such a young age.

My particular Caribou Coffee closes eight days later on September 29, converting into Peet’s Coffee and Tea. While I haven’t been there since the beginning of the Caribou timeline, I’ve been through four different regimes of managers/workers. I’ve grown up at the store, and it seems only fitting that something like this happens at a place like that so close to its end and the start of something new.

I feel like I’m never appreciative enough of the love and support from those around me. And sometimes it’s hard when it’s a regular customer who only really knows me by my silly trivia questions or the songs of the day on my name tag. Their quips of congrats and general questions about my book are some of the most heartening things to hear for an aspiring author.

It doesn’t take much to get discouraged in the self-publishing world. Before I put up the posters, I had stopped checking my CreateSpace numbers for how many books I had sold through Amazon because they barely ever moved. I was giving away more books than I was selling. But I checked my numbers after my shift on Saturday, and I was surprised at how quickly they jumped.

I have orchestrated this whole thing on my own, and it doesn’t feel like a big deal to me until those customers tell me how excited I should be. And that’s what keeps me going.

I’m excited for next Saturday. I’m excited to see who shows up. I’m excited to see my support system at Caribou come to life. And I’m excited to see how many people take an interest in my book. It has been my baby for well over two years and now that it’s out for the public to consume, I’m ready to indulge everyone and hope that they don’t hate it outright.

And if anyone has any ideas as to what I should be doing at this (aside from signing books), please leave a comment! Suggestions are much appreciated!