Day: 1

Daily Word Count: 3290/1667, potentially more by hand tonight, but we shall see!

Total Word Count: 3290/50,000

Favorite Line (or two) Written Today: I hated Donovan. The holier-than-thou, hippier-than-thou Scottish flower-power hippie from the 1960s folk music scene was a personal archenemy of mine.

Inspirational Song of the Day: It’s one that came out yesterday and it’s one that apparently frightens some people because of the seven foot clown. But you’ve gotta love Postmodern Jukebox and their cover songs:

Fun Little Snippet From Today’s Writing: How about when Jack Richards is reading Cassidy’s file:

Aubrey Harris: Twenty-four. Recent graduate from the University of Oklahoma. Master’s in Business Administration and Finance. Undergraduate in Business Administration, minors in Finance, Public Relations, and Marketing (in layman’s terms: Overachiever).

Mother: Katherine Ashley, receptionist. Father: William Charles, workshop owner. Brother: Duane Elmore, known drug dealer (I circled this, not knowing exactly why). One ticket for running a stop sign two years prior, otherwise no major law infractions. Her background told me one thing: She simply was not a troublemaker.

Pieces were missing and nothing seemed to fit.

Problems: I overachieved today in order to slack off over the weekend. I’m assuming that’ll have repercussions.

Where To Head Tomorrow: Just hit 1000 words. Which is going to be tough because I’ve got an appointment in the morning that will go through lunch, and then a housewarming party to attend in the evening. And I can’t be antisocial in either situation.


How is everyone else doing? I feel like my brain is melted and running out through my nose. That’s normal.