The weekend actually went really well! On top of purchasing my wedding dress, I kept ahead of NaNoWriMo! And because I did not update over the weekend, this will come in the midst of Day 4, so totals will be a little off.

Day: 4

Daily Word Count: 2728/1667

Total Word Count: 8781/50,000

Favorite Line (or two) Written Today: “You only hate Ohio because of sports. That’s not a good reason, Crum,” I pointed out.

Inspirational Song of the Day:  I doubt my “inspirational” songs will ever have anything to do with what I’m writing… “Bossa Nova Baby” by Elvis.

Fun Little Snippet From Today’s Writing: So I stole one of my favorite teachers for my story. He taught trigonometry at my high school. Here’s a bit of the scene with him:

After our interrogations, Crum and I caught the last few minutes of the introduction to psychology lecture. We stood in the back of the room until the professor dismissed the students for the day. For such a short, tiny, older gentleman, he was relatively animated. Think warm and inviting with a quick wit and a sharp tongue. Honestly, picture a Keebler elf, and that was this teacher in a nutshell. Approaching him after class ended, I did not know how this would go.

“Anthony Borton?” I said as we stopped in front of the lectern. Soft eyes glanced at us for a second, his way of acknowledging our presence but simply saying wait a moment.

Kid!” he called over my shoulder to a student packing up their bag in the front row of seats. The way he said it sounded like a term of endearment and not an insult. The student looked up from their backpack. “Your calculator.” He pointed to the desk behind the student.

“Thanks!” he said before bolting.

“How can I help you gentlemen?” Anthony said. He placed a hand on the lectern and a hand on his waist and levied a sigh, a small smile still on his face. He looked tired.

Problems: I feel like I’m flying through my outline, which will cause a problem within the next week or so.

Where To Head Tomorrow: Keep going! In the words of Bart Simpson, “No, Milhouse! You’re so close!”


Yes, this weekend went well. I was not as busy as I anticipated (trying on and buying my wedding dress + lunch did not take as long as I anticipated) and I had all afternoon Saturday and all day Sunday to write. It was wonderful. I love NaNoWriMo. It’s the one time of year where I don’t get distracted by Facebook.

Twitter’s another story…