Day: 6

Daily Word Count: 2120/1667

Total Word Count: 13,200/50,000

Favorite Line (or two) Written Today: “Brian, I don’t quite know where this one is going yet, but I don’t have to tell you how much this country needs someone like her. You of all people know how disillusioned people are with America.”

Inspirational Song of the Day: “She Likes Hair Bands” by Butch Walker

Fun Little Snippet From Today’s Writing: I like Brian Williams a lot…

“I want you to be the first one to report on this Hope Diamond incident because that will set you up as the main source of updates on Cassidy Sundance. I want you to be the one trusted name for information. I want Cassidy Sundance to become the epitome of an American icon and I want her to do it seemingly overnight. This incident, if spun correctly and coming from the right news anchor, will do just that.” My smile felt a little too vindictive for what I asked Brian to do. He seemed not to notice. “Can you see how delicate this is?”

“Very much so,” Brian replied almost too fast. “I’m assuming this story will be going on for some time?”

“If I have my way, yes,” I said. Ruffling through papers on my desk, I found the handwritten one on a legal pad. “I’ve written out what you’re going to say in your broadcast tonight, but I may not always have the chance to do so. Legends have their ways of falling from grace. The media tries to strip them down and make them human again. I know for a fact that this will happen prematurely when I am not ready for it. I need your word that you’ll be wary when that happens and know how to handle it if it starts looking as though someone is trying to taint her name or reveal her identity.”

Brian nodded after a few moments. “What do you have for me, Jack?”

Problems: I’m doing too much stuff at once. No, seriously. Today I was NaNo-ing while researching stuff for work while writing an article for Octopus Thrower. I’m still not done with the OT article, but the site is having technical issues, so I’m off the hook.

Where To Head Tomorrow: I don’t know. Tomorrow will be crazy. More research and then leaving early to go train for my barista job. Oh yeah.