Day: 7

Daily Word Count: 1809/1667

Total Word Count: 15,009/50,000

Favorite Line (or two) Written Today: “But I believe your loss doesn’t always have to be a burden. Maybe this is what will help you move past it.”

Inspirational Song of the Day: It’s been my jam for the past couple weeks… “Miss Jackson” by Panic! At The Disco. (My music taste is everywhere)

Fun Little Snippet From Today’s Writing: Charming British men to the rescue!

“Can I help you?” she called as I walked toward her, taking in the surroundings. It was a quaint little place. Wood floors, décor on the walls, high top tables and low, square tables filling in the dining room area. I saw how Aubrey could blend into a place like this for an extended amount of time. It was low-key, low maintenance, no television monitors for patrons to watch; the source of entertainment was the massive amount of beer choices and a flyer out front told me of an upstairs concert hall.

“Well, I would ask for your best beer on tap—” I began, leaning against the bar while I flashed the redheaded woman my most charming smile. “—But I’m on the clock.” I showed her my badge and the matching smile on her face disappeared.

“Is there a problem, officer?” she asked immediately. I had to laugh.

“Special agent, actually,” I replied. Already, the bartender looked flustered, and I had not asked a single question. Putting her at ease was my first priority. “I swear I’m not looking for trouble and I’m not going to exploit anyone here. Promise.”

She looked at me, wary, but I must admit that my smile and charming accent have a way of winning people over in the end. “How can I help you?”

Problems: I just want to go home! But I have lots of other things to do tonight.

Where To Head Tomorrow: Keep the plot in Michigan and then slowly head over to Atlanta for Richards’ first encounter with Cassidy Sundance! Oooooh! It’s going to be creepy! But before he gets there, Richards has some emotional stuff to work through.