Day: 11

Daily Word Count: 1252/1667

Total Word Count: 20,518/50,000

Favorite Line (or two) Written Today: It’s not a line I wrote today, but rather a text I sent to someone that cracks me up: “I’m pretty sure real life Jason told me that carjacking story as the reason to why he always has a pistol under his front seat.” There are facts story!Jason says that are straight from the mouth of real-life!Jason and I love it.

Inspirational Song of the Day: “Halloween Blues” by The Fratellis. It’s been my jam since I bought their album.

Fun Little Snippet From Today’s Writing: I think my creepy main character is rubbing off on me…I also jumped around and went to the very end for a scene I’ve been dying to write.

“Jason Clarke,” I purred, a smile gracing my face as I studied my prey, helplessly handcuffed and hopelessly imprisoned for a few more weeks, at least. I sat across from him and continued to smile; the man merely looked at me. No anger in the depths of his aquamarine eyes. No hostility. No defeat. He just looked at me. My eyes narrowed at him and I asked, “How are you?” Perhaps a little too mocking. Jason gave me a strange nod and a strained smile.

“Can’t complain,” he replied. “A roof over my head and bars keeping me out of trouble.” He tilted his head to the side. “How are you?”

“Peachy,” I replied curtly. “You’ve caused a lot of trouble.”

“Not recently, I don’t believe,” he said, not missing a beat. “I wasn’t even the one who started all the trouble.” He leaned forward in his seat. “From what I hear, that honor belongs to you.” And he gave me a sardonic grin.

Problems: Umm…my only concern right now is that my outline for my novel isn’t long enough. It’s barely two pages and I’m already almost through the first page.

Where To Head Tomorrow: Jump back into the plot where I left off. Don’t skip to the end again. Heck, I didn’t even work that much on the ending scene.


The weekend went extremely well, surprisingly.

Also, it weirds me out that there’s a Jason Clarke actor. Not that it’s a really crazy name or anything. It throws me every time I see it.

Taking online personality quizzes as your character is also an interesting experience. You should try it.