Daily Word Count: 1076/1667

Total Word Count: 21,676/50,000

Favorite Line (or two) Written Today: “The fucking prodigal son finally calls,” Crum greeted. “Where the hell have you been and what the hell have you been up to?! You sent Helm back here with very little information, and Ethan’s been freaking out.”

Inspirational Song of the Day: In honor of it being Neil Young’s birthday (and Jo Stafford’s!), how about some “For The Turnstiles”

Fun Little Snippet From Today’s Writing: Gotta love when my characters call each other out for bad writing on my part.

Evie picked up on the third ring. “I’m sorry, who is this? I think you have the wrong number,” she greeted.

“Don’t tease, Evangeline.”

“Poor Jack is all strung out on this case he decided to take,” Evie continued, although she laughed through the whole sentence. “How’s it going, stranger?”

“Twists and turns and sudden occurrences that I did not anticipate just occurred.”

“Occurrences just occurred? That sounds redundant, honey,” she said.

“Sorry, I just had to talk Crum down from a metaphorical ledge.”

“Problems at the home base?”

Problems: Umm…I suck? I wrote barely 1000 words today.

Where To Head Tomorrow: Start fresh and ready to go.

Can you tell how motivated I am today by how much I responded to my own post’s questions?