Day: 13, hey look, I can count today!

Daily Word Count: 2525/1667

Total Word Count: 24,570/50,000

Favorite Line (or two) Written Today: “Crum and I stopped just behind the leather chairs, hands behind our backs, feet apart, and suits impeccable.”

Inspirational Song of the Day: In honor of yesterday being Jo Stafford’s birthday, how about my favorite song of all time? A little “Yes, Indeed” by Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra. A fun little vocal duet between Jo Stafford and Sy Oliver (who started with Jimmie Lunceford, but I’m boring you, aren’t I?)

Fun Little Snippet From Today’s Writing: Jack Richards may or may not be based around the “interrogation” scene between Loki and Black Widow in The Avengers. So writing his rage was a lot of fun. He doesn’t do it much.

“Good. Now please leave before I lose my patience and decide to pull you off the case completely.”

I followed Crum back to his office, neither of us saying a word until the door closed behind us. “He would pull me off a case for simply losing track of them when we have means of finding them again?” I hissed, hand clenching the top of the chair and knuckles whitening. I felt the sudden urge to break something, but refrained and instead, focused my rage into the hand threatening to break the wood of the chair.

“He’s pissed that you took it into your own hands and hadn’t really proved yourself yet. Helm wasn’t just a babysitter for Sundance—he was a babysitter for you,” Crum said point-blank.

“I already guessed that, and it’s one reason why I sent Helm away,” I replied. “Helm’s presence constantly reminded me that no one here has faith in me anymore, and perhaps I wanted to prove myself to everyone. The fact that Ethan didn’t bring this up surprised me.”

“Well, you’d be more fucked if I hadn’t been there to save your damn ass!” Crum shot.

Problems: It needs to be tomorrow so I can go see Thor 2 again! Also, I wrote most of the dialogue today for Richards picturing him as Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow. …I think I have a problem. Also, he was very emotional today. That needs to stop. Philosophical thoughts on life are awesome and bolster my word count, but oh man, I need to write some action.

Where To Head Tomorrow: Stop dealing with Richards’ wife because I don’t like her and she gives me writer’s block. My problem with her is that for the longest time she was actually dead…then I changed what happened with his story…