(“Some Sort of Something” instead of “Some Kind of Wonderful,” get it?! ….No? Okay, moving on…)

Day: 14

Daily Word Count: 2529/1667

Total Word Count: 27,099/50,000

Favorite Line (or two) Written Today: “This is Jack Richards. I need you to forward me to the Discovery Channel’s head office,” I commanded. “And tell them it’s damn important.”

Inspirational Song of the Day: I’m in a Steely Dan mood today; I’ve just had their discography on shuffle. Let’s go with “Bad Sneakers” from Katy Lied

Fun Little Snippet From Today’s Writing:  I wrote this yesterday, but I feel it’s just very poignant…maybe it’s because I feel Richards’ pain in his words and the image in my head is extremely vivid.

“She did love ‘Tulsa Time’ a little too much, didn’t she?” I replied, happy to reminisce. She had always been a touchy subject between my father and I, though I do not know whether he actually knew why. I cried to him on the phone the moment I found out about her passing and missing her funeral—sadness and rage melded into one incoherent babbling speech over transcontinental wires… or cutting out cell phones. Even now, thinking about that call, I felt my chest caving in and erupting with buried emotions. I screamed on the phone—screamed at my own grief-stricken father—asking him questions for which he did not have an answer. I will never forgive myself, I vaguely recall bellowing, followed by something about never mentioning her around me until I was ready. Did he still believe that? Did he know it was still true?

Problems: I keep throwing in Detroit Red Wings players as supporting characters. It’s not really a problem, mostly just a comment. Darren  Helm is actually a lot more involved than I thought he would be. And today, I threw in Patrick Eaves as a tech nerd who doesn’t know how to cut his hair, and Jonathan Ericsson as an executive at The Discovery Channel.

Where To Head Tomorrow: I don’t really know. I’m on to the second page of my outline and I think I’ll be able to make it to 50k before I hit the end of it, though I don’t know if the story will be done… probably. There’s not much after my outline ends (since it’s very incomplete).

Brian Williams comes back into the picture tomorrow!