Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday. Firefox froze on me and I lost everything I was going to post. Multiple times.

Day: 19

Daily Word Count: 1967/1667

Total Word Count: 35,001/50,000

Favorite Line (or two) Written Today: “Don’t try to go all Natasha Romanoff on me and say that you owe Cassidy a debt.” (Hooray for me being a nerd!)

Inspirational Song of the Day: It was Johnny Mercer‘s birthday yesterday and I couldn’t post, so let’s take it back to the 1940s! “My Sugar Is So Refined.”

Fun Little Snippet From Today’s Writing:  Today I switched over to Jason’s POV for a change of pace. And he gets to confront a lot of his hidden problems (and may or may not contain some spoilers, but shhhhh)

This moment, secluded in a coffee shop, just the two of us, had been planned out in her mind for a very long time. Or at least since she came to my apartment and found Cassidy Sundance living with me. My coffee tasted far too acidic. Dark roast, my ass, or maybe the bitterness was due to my predicament and already in my mouth.

“Liney—” I started, though she held up a hand to stop me.

“Jay, you can’t keep putting this off!”

“Well I certainly can’t anymore because you’ve got me cornered in my old fucking coffee shop!” I countered. “You couldn’t have picked any other coffee shop?”

It was true; Liney had picked this place, not letting me turn her down no matter how much I protested. So I sat there and was unable to stop myself from glancing around the place and wondering if anyone recognized me or if I recognized anyone. The group of old men in the front corner was just as loud as they had been years ago. One of them—Patrick, if memory serves—nodded my way when I walked in, but he said nothing. I appreciated it. Still, every time the door opened, my gaze flew to their face.

Problems: Jason has some serious emotional issues, but we all already knew that, didn’t we?

Where To Head Tomorrow: Keep my head up and my fingers running and figure out if I want to switch back to Richards or keep going with Jason.

Happy 150th anniversary to the Gettysburg Address!