Let’s be honest with each other from the start: I’m not one for buying into New Year’s resolutions. Everyone always asks me what mine is and I tend to shrug. When I was asked at the end of 2012, I told someone I wanted to read more.

And I did.

2013 was a year where I actually sort of made resolutions. I created a Goodreads profile and took part in their  reading challenge. I wanted to read 40 books in the span of a year. Well, I read 41 (potentially 42, depending on how fast I get through Wolves of the Calla. I’m on another Stephen King kick).

I also told myself I wanted to write 250,000 words. Thanks to NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo (on two different occasions!), I accomplished this, and I’m about 3000 words away from hitting 300k for the year.

So what do I want to do for my 2014 resolutions?

Well, one other thing I did until August was write down happy moments from each day on slips of paper and jam them into a jar. You’re supposed to go through the whole thing on New Year’s Eve and reflect on the good times. By the time August rolled around, I was sick of it and stopped. I recently went through what I had written down and saved some of the better ones.

Quite a few of the slips of paper were songs that I heard on Sirius XM. Favorite songs or just awesome songs I never thought I would hear anywhere, it didn’t matter. Here, let’s list a few (you’ll get a better grasp on my love for music):

4/7 – Heard “Walk On” by Neil Young on Deep Tracks
4/30 – Heard “Slow Drag” by Taj Mahal on Bluesville
3/11 – Heard “Sweet Dreams” by Yes and The Beatles’ “Words of Love” on Deep Tracks

5/29 – “Back Door Man” by Howlin’ Wolf on Bluesville
6/20 – “My Sugar Is So Refined” by Johnny Mercer on the 40s!
1/29 – Heard “They Red Hot” by Clapton on Bluesville!!! (It’s definitely one of my favorite songs)

That’s just from the handful I pulled out of the tin. My love for music is ridiculous, and I blame my dad and my two brothers. I’m still attempting to find a suitable story to write that revolves around music. I have a ridiculous outline for one right now, but it involves a lot of information gathering, so it’s on a back burner (case in point: the last thing I have written down is “Beatles vs. Stones – Essay”).

Back to my resolution:

This song was so loud in my car on the drive home…

I want to make my Instagram account (which I already use sparingly) into pictures of the awesome songs I hear on Sirius XM that make me incredibly happy. Heck, I already changed my username from the standard Franzenmuth to Rockandrollstew.

I don’t buy into the whole Instagram thing. The only reason I set mine up a couple months ago was because it was the only place a friend of mine was posting their pictures from Hawaii.

But why not use it to document songs I love? If you go through the camera roll on my phone, the majority of the recent pictures are of my radio display for songs I hear. Like this morning, I heard “Suitcase” by Badfinger on Deep Tracks and took a picture of it. You know, for proof.

Earlier in the year, I found “Close to the Edge” by Yes. I pulled into my driveway where my fiancee was waiting for me when I got home. He got out of his car and walked over, so I rolled down the window.

“Do you mind if I finish listening to this song?” I asked.
“Sure,” he said. “How much longer is it?”
“I don’t know…eight minutes?” I replied, earning a wide-eyed, gaping response.

It’s for songs you don’t hear, songs you don’t expect to hear on the radio. I can’t survive without my XM radio; it’s a serious problem.

So if you love classic rock/blues/big band and swing or if you just want to see what sort of crazy songs I love, don’t be afraid to follow my Instagram. I can absolutely promise I won’t be posting filtered pictures of my meals.