Mostly reblogging this because I’m 23 and engaged and the plethora of articles out there (mostly Buzzfeed) that say don’t get married young kind of annoy me. Broad generalizations are never endearing.

Thought Catalog

Can you keep a secret? I got engaged at 23 years old.

It was not a dare, or an anti-feminist statement, or a cop-out. I didn’t get married because I wanted to wear a pretty dress, or throw a party, or become boring. (In fact, I wear sundresses throughout most of the year, and I love parties, though I’m an introverted, awkward bookworm at heart.) I certainly didn’t get married because of Pinterest trends or because the dreaded “clock” was ticking. If it was, I never heard it.

I got married because a few years ago, I met an awesome dude with paint-splattered shoes at a New Year’s Eve party. Four years later, and a little over a year into our marriage, I couldn’t be much more in love with this guy if I tried. We’re that annoying couple and have been since we’ve met. We share the same dumb…

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