[This may be a recurring topic. I have yet to decide, but just in case, I put the “part one” in the title. Enjoy!]

You know, I could write a blog post about my first radio interview about my book that happened on January 11. But until the host gets it uploaded to his website for you to listen to, it doesn’t make much sense.

So let’s talk about my ability to nerd instead.

Nerds have come a long way since I was growing up. Honestly, when I think of nerds, my first thought is when Homer Simpson goes back to college:

But it’s no longer really like that–at least not to that extreme where jocks feel it’s their duty to give nerds a hard time. Then again, I’ve never been that kind of outward nerd. I keep my nerding to a minimum unless I’m around people who know me well enough where I can go crazy. The usual suspects: The Simpsons (in case you couldn’t tell by the video clip and subsequent quote), music (classic rock, blues, and old school jazz), anything Marvel-related, hockey, and a fair amount of television.

Let’s talk Marvel.

In my last post updating all of my “resolutions,” I mentioned that I’m writing for Bam Smack Pow. It’s in its start-up phase and there are only two of us writing there right now, so traffic isn’t super hot. Nick has told me to write whenever I feel like, and I’ve been put in charge of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode recaps.

Let me tell you, writing there is great. I absolutely love it. Since the first Iron Man movie, my love for all things Marvel has been rekindled tenfold (because X-Men: The Last Stand ruined everything).With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. starting to pick up and be a heck of a lot more exciting than the first half of the season, my reviews have gotten a lot better.

I wrote a quick snippet about Captain America: The Winter Soldier because Scarlett Johansson dropped a couple fun factoids in an interview. On its second day posted, it went from sixty-some views before lunch to over 800 when I got back to my desk an hour later. Right now, it sits just below 2000 views, which is the most any of my articles anywhere have ever received.

So I took a cue and decided to finally fangirl over the one movie coming out this year that I’m over-the-top excited for:

X-Men: Days of Future Past.

DOFP is my favorite storyline from X-Men, though I only know it through the 90s cartoon when Bishop travels back in time to stop Mystique (posing as Gambit) from assassinating a US Senator that brings about the sentinels and the future enslavement of mutants rather than the comic book plotline of Kitty Pryde sending her future consciousness into her past self… Honestly, I think I just like time travel (I loved Season 4 of LOST until Daniel Faraday’s mom killed him in the past because that’s just jacked up).

So I wrote an article where I lay out a few different plot points we’ve been told and cuts made to the final film (yay no Rogue because movie!Rogue is terrible!). The hits on it are nothing compared to The Winter Soldier, but I got to show off my true nerding colors.

Because DOFP is leading right into X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, and I’ve been waiting for Apocalypse in a movie since the first X-Men came out. Literally. I’ve stretched my imagination, just waiting. There was part of me during the teaser scene in the credits of The Avengers that hoped it was going to be Apocalypse who turned his head and grinned, but no. It had to be Thanos.

I watched the trailer for DOFP again the other day and my overreacting tweet was retweeted by the X-Men Movie’s official Twitter and subsequently RTed and favorited by nerds everywhere. I get goosebumps when young Charles is screaming about not wanting “your suffering” and “your future,” and the brief shot of young and old Charles looking at each other brings me to tears.

I am so excited and I cannot wait until the movie comes out. I kind of want to do a midnight showing, but have yet to broach that subject with anyone around me…hmmm…

Thankfully there are other movies that come out between now and then to keep me sated.