X-Men_Days_Of_Future_Past_LargeRemember last post when I said it only updates once every six months? I lied.

Remember last post when I said I was super stoked for X-Men: Days of Future Past and then brushed that aside for Guardians of the Galaxy because I talked about DOFP in the first “Ability to Nerd” post?

Let’s talk about Days of Future Past. (I’ll give a spoiler warning when it comes time.)

In my first “Ability to Nerd,” I pretty much talked about my love of comic book movies, which focuses a lot on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a bit on X-Men, and slightly less on Spider-Man. I mentioned my writing over at Bam Smack Pow and how I was loving it. I still am.

I saw Days of Future Past over the weekend. The movie ended and I really wasn’t expecting it. It didn’t feel like the movie was over two hours long; it felt like it had just started. I wasn’t bored, I wanted to know what would happen next. And being the veteran comic-book-movie-goer, I knew not to leave before the credits were done rolling–quite a few people left mid-credits because there wasn’t that mid-credits scene that Marvel Studios likes to throw in to keep people around.

Oh man, was that end-credits scene a doozy.

If you don’t want ANY SPOILERS WHATSOEVER, I insist you click elsewhere and return once you’ve seen the movie.

The end scene was really for the fans of X-Men. My theater did not have any reaction whatsoever except for me and one of my brother’s gasping. The other brother was confused as to why we were so excited until I said, “THAT WAS APOCALYPSE!!!” Then he freaked out as well.

Here’s the article I wrote to explain to people what was going on. It gives a quick back story of Apocalypse and then poses a ton of questions because nothing has been announced about the next movie except for the title–X-Men: Apocalypse.

Now, Apocalypse, for some weird reason, is my favorite villain. I loved loved loved (three “loved” are necessary) him in the cartoon from the 90s. One brother had a gigantic Apocalypse action figure (and Gambit, Venom, Bishop, Magneto…), which he pulled out from the closet after the movie. There’s no real reason behind my love, not one I can pinpoint, at least, but I’ve been dying to see him in a movie. Likewise, Mister Sinister is on that list, too, just below Apocalypse.

I could talk about Apocalypse for hours. After seeing The Wolverine last year with that wonderful mid-credits scene setting up DOFP, my fiancee and I went out to dinner and just talked about all of the possibilities with that. For our entire dinner. We ended up going to Apocalypse’s Wiki page and reading up on his origin and past.

Yesterday, Nick reached out to me and said that 200 or so people were reading my article at once and it was pulling in solid numbers. I checked the stats before I left work and it had 2,180 views, pretty much blowing my Winter Soldier piece out of the water. When I got into work this morning, I checked the stats.


It’s still pulling in about a thousand views per hour and I am still speechless. I’m excited beyond all reason. Nothing I’ve written has ever garnered this much attention. I’m glad something I love so much has reached so many people, I really am. I’m proud of that piece.

Still, I have no idea where all these people came from. Do you?

I know this number is probably small for other places that get major traffic and write about things like this–Vulture, The AV Club–but for a part-time blogger like myself who just writes about what they love, this is incredible.

So I guess this post is both about my ability to nerd and my appreciation and thanks to those 16,000 people who have read my little article about a villain I love.

(And, upon publishing this an hour after I started, we’re up to 18,040. You rock, internet!)

(Edit: It’s a week later, and views apparently exploded. It’s up to 58,000 and tapering off. Still… holy crap.)