Top-detroit-red-wings-players-who-will-step-up-this-year-featuredIn the past two days, I have written two separate articles–one for Octopus Thrower, one for Bam Smack Pow–that involved my very passionate feelings.

They were feelings I never managed to put down in words. That is–until something pushed me to sort through whatever I was experiencing.

Yesterday, it was a coworker of mine handing me her Entertainment Weekly because I mentioned it to her last week. It’s the one with the main article about Chris Pratt and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. While I have been seriously anticipating this movie like no other, staring at the cover drove me crazy. So I wrote about my anticipation and why. Have a snippet if you don’t want to read the whole thing:

I remember trying to explain Guardians to my best friend after watching the credits scene in Thor: The Dark World. “Bradley Cooper is the voice of a talking raccoon!” I exclaimed as I laughed like a crazy person, earning a stare from her. How do you explain something like that to someone who isn’t as dedicated to the Marvel movies as you?

And my editor informed me yesterday that it was one of the hottest articles at the site. Good, people like my feelings! That or everyone is as crazy as me. I’m leaning towards the latter…

Today, different feelings threatened to burst. It’s free agency/the off-season for the National Hockey League and the Detroit Red Wings have done very little. As in, they have landed no one save two of their own free agents that fans didn’t want them to re-sign. Oh, and we lost both our assistant coaches and just signed a new one.

I did what I do best: I used The Simpsons to express myself. I basically told the hockey blogging world that I can’t bring myself to care anymore.

So I’m tired. I’m tired of the anger and the rage. I’m tired of attempting to explain this team and their faults and their decisions. I’m tired of being one of the few who tries to spin it in a positive light. You guys know me and my writing by now: I’m non-confrontational to a fault. I’m the one who tries to make you feel good after a tremendously horrible loss.

But I’m losing my will to do so.

Two very different sets of emotions, though both are lined with some amount of impatience. Do I feel better writing this down and airing my grievances to the Internet? I don’t know, maybe a little.

Keeping all my emotions bottled up is a little tiring.

On the positive side, I will be seeing the Rifftrax of Sharknado this evening, and laughter is the third greatest gift ever. (And if you don’t know Rifftrax, it’s basically Mystery Science Theater 3000, except with the actual people who voice Tom Servo and Crow, not the robots themselves).