While the Husband plays Fallout 4 and I jam out to the excellent music within, how about a mid-NaNo update!

Day: 16

Daily Word Count: 966/1667

Overall Word Count: 27,355/50,000

Favorite Line (Or Two) Written Today“So what was the point of that ride?” I ask as we leave the pavilion. My retinas burn in the natural light.

“…Mexican It’s A Small World with Donald Duck?” she offers after a hesitation. “They changed it a few years back, but it really wasn’t any better then when it was El Rio Del Tiempo.”

Inspirational Song of the Day: I’ve had ELO’s latest album on loop.

And a longer snippet for those of you interested…

“Disney is the Happiest Place on Earth,” Kyle muses, a finger twirling the straw in her drink. “No, I completely get it. That’s part of the reason why I moved down here. Far enough away that people won’t always come and visit, at least the ones you don’t want to visit all the time.”

“And then you can do things like come to EPCOT for your morning coffee.”

“Specifically, it was France.”

“Of course it was.” I shoot her a glare and shake my head. What else can I do? “So you do live around here, I take it…” Less of a question, more of a statement.

It turns out, she lives in Celebration, which is the town that was originally developed by the Disney Company back in the day. She likes coffee, but not Starbucks, Star Wars and Star Trek, has a long-lasting connection with the Muppets, and found herself deeply invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We have much in common.

“So do you always do the same thing when you come here?” I ask. “I always wonder why people come back so often. Like, how much is there to do?” I mean, I see it to an extent now that I’ve perused multiple parks.

“There’s a solid base of things, yes. I try not to come all the time or else it starts to get boring and you start to dislike Disney. I can’t ever get to that point because I don’t think I would ever recover,” she tells me. “I love this place too much. It’s my home away from home and I could live here if they would let me.”

“Where would you sleep?”

“It depends on which park we’re talking,” she begins, so I dig into the chips and salsa a little more, even though I think the food is arriving sooner rather than later. “Animal Kingdom, you can pitch a tent somewhere out in one of the heavily wooded areas—of course, just not on the Safari, because who knows what animals might come after you. EPCOT, it would have to be one of the displays on Spaceship Earth. Back before they did the revamp and made it more about communication, they had a setup of two kids on opposite sides of the world Skyping in bed. Just kick out the one dummy and make it your own.

“MGM would be a little harder… well, I guess not really. You could cozy up in the Hollywood Tower Hotel lobby on one of those couches, just dust it off a little first. Or pick one of the displays in the Toy Story L\line. Actually, no—scratch all of that!” Kyle is on a roll.

“…MGM?” I mutter under my breath so she won’t hear, because as soon as I say it, I remember Mom calling it that on the phone. They must have rebranded at some point.

“No, the best in MGM would be sneaking into the Sounds Dangerous studio. No one would go in there anyway, it would be all yours!” She eats a chip in celebration. “What am I missing? Oh, Magic Kingdom. That’s super easy. The TTA. Absolutely.”

“What about the bed in that one place in Tomorrowland?” I sound like an idiot almost immediately. Kyle looks at me, and I know she needs me to give her specifics so she can fill in the blank. “The one with the rotating seats and the family.”

“Oh—” She chuckles. “—Carousel of Progress. That’s actually a good idea. Just kick the stupid sister off the edge of her bed in one of the scenes and you’re golden. Or pick the scene where she’s using that belt machine to lose weight. Ah, Fifties technology…”